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Free RSS Content
Live and updated content can do wonders for your website and that's exactly what RSS is suppose to do. Here are some free RSS Content sources that you can use to put live, updated and free content on your site automatically. You are adviced to ref...
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Understanding Domain Names
Every website is identified by a unique name. And this unique name is kown as its domain name. Google.com, Yahoo.com, HostCoil.com etc are all examples of a domain name. Know little more about domain names before you register them for your site.
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Free Website Uptime Monitoring Services
Catch your web server as soon as it takes a nap next time. There are several free services to help you take a note of your website?s availability.Free website monitoring services send you a message as soon as your site goes down. Be Alert!
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Easy way to separate content from design using PHP
A general problem while designing a website is managing design and content. There are simple methods which can be used to separate design pages from content. By separating design from content, you make it easy for yourself (or someone else) to upd...
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have google not index just some files in a folder?
hi guys!I'm aware of the possibility, via the file robot.txt, to tell all spiders or just one (say "googlebot") not to index things__I want all search engines to index everything:UserAgent: * Disallow:__I want google not to index myfile.html in the site rootUserAgent: googlebot
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MSN Virtual Maps
Has anyone checked this out yet? MSN Virtual Maps? It is so cool, you can look up your house, business, city, anything, and it will show you a satellite picture of it, that you can zoom into, scroll North/South/East/West
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Arjay Web Services has a free web hosting and domain name newsletter. Site and server news, special offers, and web site tips all in one convenient mailing sent once or twice a month (and in emergencies). Old issues are archived. Stay informed. Sign up today.
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Antivirus Software a Big Business. Surprised?
Gartner stats prove that preventing the bad stuff continues to be a good business, though with Microsoft's entry it's going to get a whole lot tougher.
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PayPal Fixes URL Used for Fraud
According to Internet-monitoring company Netcraft, a security flaw on PayPal's site allowed hackers to steal credit card information from PayPal users. But the flaw has reportedly been fixed.
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Finance Sites: Yahoo Leads, Google Lags
Google's site has not yet gained the popularity to challenge other financial sites.
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How To Sell Web Hosting For A Profit.
A comprehensive e-course to help you start your own web hosting business with success-Guaranteed! Partners make 65%
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AdTrackZplus - Advanced Adtracking.
Do You Advertise Your Site? Then You Must Track Your Results, or You'll Lose A Lot of Money!
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Make Money from E-Commerce
Ideas and advice on how to make money from E-Commerce. Some popular article from the About.com E-Commerce site. If you are a small business, it isn't easy to make money from Electronic Commerce. These articles may help....
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With a Little Help from Your Friends
?Social Sites? are apparently this month?s big thing on the Net. Building networks of friends, both for fun and business, is proving extremely popular and sites like Friendster, Tribe.net, LinkedIn and Meetup are drawing large numbers of visitors. Of course...
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Coupons are Cool
In a recent survey, CoolSavings.com reports that 60% of people who responded find online coupons useful when shopping. (Maybe not so surprising as this is the line of business CoolSavings.com is in.) The survey also shows that promotional offers and...
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7 Fatal Mistakes CEOs Of Smaller Companies Commonly Make
According to the Small Business Administration, more than 10% of businesses will fail this year, and two-thirds of all new businesses fail within six years. This report explains why CEOs often contribute to the failure of their business. The report,...
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How to Value and Grow Your Online Business Relationships
A new e-Book by David Teten with Donna Fisher & Scott Allen examines Networking; ?the key to business success?. It?s full of practical advice in how to make the most of your business networking activities. Your ?to do? list will...
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Find your niche and make your site sticky. That's probably the best advice I can think of for E-Commerce success. This year's winner of the E-Business Startup Award in the annual UK E-Commerce awards competition illustrates this perfectly. Mothersbliss.com started...
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Benchmarking your E-Business
UK Online for Business, a UK government agency, recently started a new web-based service that allows small and medium sized companies to assess the effectiveness of their e-business activities. Depending on the results the service offers advice and guidance on...
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Got Jobs? Employment on the Rise for Martial Arts Talent
Employers and recruiters seeking martial arts talent make the most of specialty job and casting site. Martial arts instructors and related professionals finding more career options. [PRWEB Nov 11, 2005]
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Millionaire Real Estate Business Woman's Career Guidebook Becomes Bestseller
The book ?7 Steps to Find Your Perfect Career? is a Step-by-Step Guide to finding your talents and learning to build a successful career doing something you love. [PRWEB Nov 10, 2005]
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HireAbility Launches Redesigned Website--All Products and Services for Recruiters and Job Seekers Now Have One ''Home''
Today, HireAbility(r) launched its fully redesigned Website, www.hireability.com. The new site gathers together all of HireAbility's products and services for recruiters, employers, jobseekers, and HR technology and service providers in a fresh, efficiently organized design. The new Website integrates information and solutions previously accessed through three unique websites: hireability.com (job board), sarahinfo.com (SARAH(sm) applicant tracking system and recruiting programs), and resumeparser.com (ALEX(sm) automatic resume processing technology). The new site provides visitors and customers a more informative and streamlined experience, making it easier to learn about and subscribe to HireAbility's "for-free" and "for-fee" product and service offerings. [PRWEB Nov 10, 2005]
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JobsInNH's State Employment Index: October Unique Visits Reach All-time High Record
The web site releases a monthly state employment index which gives a snapshot view at the state's current job situation. This month unique visits were very high on the Web site which could mean an increase in employment activity. [PRWEB Nov 9, 2005]
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Team-An-Idea.com is About Forming Teams to Make Bright Ideas a Reality Without Boundaries
Bright ideas require skills, physical resources, enthusiasm and vice versa. In business, science, the arts, charity, medicine, restoration, politics, religion, adventure, engineering, plus other categories. Here is a single place which allows you to create your own team or become part of a team and share the benefits. [PRWEB Nov 9, 2005]
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JobsInRI's State Employment Index: Signs of Job Growth in October with Customer Support Jobs Nearly Doubling in the State
The Web site releases a state employment index each month capturing a snapshot of the state's job situation. This month activity increased on the site showing more job creation. [PRWEB Nov 9, 2005]
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U.S. Executives: Outsourcing will Bring the Demise of American Business
Survey by the largest $100k+ positions Web site, TheLadders.com, reveals that execs are most fearful of China as threat to U.S. business. [PRWEB Nov 7, 2005]
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LearnShare Unveils Turn-Key, Affordable Learning Management System for Small to Mid-Size Companies
LearnShare, the consortium of Fortune 1000 companies organized to research, design, purchase, package and share best practices in the training and development field, today announced the launch of LearnPak, an affordable, feature-rich learning management system designed to meet the needs of small and mid-size companies. LearnShare?s LearnPak combines many of the features and functionality of the LearnShare LMS, designed by and for its large company membership, stocked with off-the-shelf discounted content from recognized providers on a pay-per-use basis. [PRWEB Nov 7, 2005]
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Capital H Group Expands to Open New York Office
Capital H Group, a rapidly expanding human capital consulting firm headquartered in Chicago, continues to build its national presence by opening a New York office. According to Dan Weinfurter, Chief Executive Officer of Capital H Group, "Expanding into New York is an absolutely critical element of our overall national growth plan, which relies on both organic growth and acquisitions. The New York market offers us great opportunity and we are already generating interest among business leaders who are looking for different perspectives on how to improve returns on their investments in people.? [PRWEB Nov 1, 2005]
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Fast Growing Chesapeake Bay Brands Hires Sales VEEP
Tom Quinn, nationally recognized leader in sales and new business development, has been hired by Chesapeake Bay Brands to expand brand acceptance of their fast-growing line of luxury frozen seafood products. [PRWEB Nov 12, 2005]
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From Dream Street to Wall Street: What a Powerful Psychic (aka ''Subconscious Mind Reader'') Can Teach Corporate America!
Author of the first business resource and guidebook, "From Dream Street to Wall Street: What a Successful Psychic Teaches Corporate America" Now Offering In-Office Customized Programs that introduce Master-level Training to Financial and Corporate Executives in the U.S. and G8-Member Nations on How to Read the Details of a Stranger's Sub-conscious Mind --just like a Powerful Psychic!! [PRWEB Nov 10, 2005]
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Cupofmoney.com Launches the World's First Healthy Coffee 'Puppy Pack'
Cupofmoney.com markets the world's first healthy coffee containing ganoderma, "the miraculous king of herbs". The company offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to set up their own home based gourmet healthy coffee franchises. The company's new "Puppy Pack healthy coffee package", with an entry price of only $100, makes it affordable for literally any entrepreneur to participate in the coffee industry while experiencing the tax advantages of running a home based business. After only 20 months in North America, dozens of affiliates are already on the path to millionaire status. [PRWEB Nov 6, 2005]
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Bingo It's Coffee. Darren Little, Founder of Bingo.com, is Betting Big on the Healthy Coffee Industry as He Launches Cupofmoney.com
Darren Little, founder of Bingo.com, the world's most popular online bingo site, launches a new category creator, marketing the world's first gourmet healthy coffee at cupofmoney.com. Home based Franchises available as low as $1000. [PRWEB Oct 22, 2005]
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Marketing and Business Experts Will Gather in La Jolla to Analyze Hispanic Market in the U.S.
This Business Roundtable includes content that presents the U.S. Hispanic consumer goods market and helps retailers and domestic and overseas manufacturers understand how to market to this segment. In addition, it offers a networking opportunity for Latin American manufacturers and U.S. based consumer goods retailers. [PRWEB Oct 5, 2005]
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Growth Stocks Specialists Launch CCM SectorPortfolio Series
Cronus Capital Markets, a leading provider of sector research, intelligence, and media to the investment and business communities, has announced the launch of their CCM SectorPortfolio Series. This series provides sector research and identifies the best growth stocks for a range of emerging high-growth sectors. [PRWEB Nov 9, 2005]
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Year-End Tax Planning Lecture To Be Hosted By The Greater Lumberton Business Association
Burlington County NJ businesses are invited to hear this Free Lecture on Year-End Tax Planning and Preparation. [PRWEB Nov 3, 2005]
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USF Securities Names James Lynch Executive Vice President of Business Development and National Sales Manager
USF Securities, L.P., one of the nation?s premier independent broker-dealers and Registered Investment Advisors, today announced that James Lynch, a fifteen year veteran of the industry, was brought on as Executive Vice President of Business Development and National Sales Manager. [PRWEB Nov 1, 2005]
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Emerging Public Company American Energy Production Added to the StockBroadcasting.com Website
Stock Broadcasting, the home for information on micro-cap companies, is pleased to announce that American Energy Production Incorporated (OTCBB: AMEP) has been added to the www.StockBroadcasting.com site as a featured company. [PRWEB Nov 1, 2005]
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NewsletterAdvisors.com Offers Investment Insights and Analysis from America?s Top Investment Experts
Business Financial Publishing has announced the launch of NewsletterAdvisors.com. NewsletterAdvisors.com features free special reports with stock picks and insights from some of America's leading investment experts including David and Tom Gardner, Louis Navellier, Bernie Schaeffer, and Ian Wyatt. [PRWEB Nov 1, 2005]
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Controversial Issues to be Addressed at Second Annual Industry Summit in Chicago
A spirited debate on state versus federal regulation of the insurance industry, and the emerging life settlement business will highlight the Second Annual Industry Summit and Breakfast on December 5. The Industry Summit will be held at The Union League Club of Chicago. [PRWEB Oct 31, 2005]
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Doc?s Sports Service Posts Breeders? Cup Picks and Breeders? Cup Odds and Information for the 2005 Breeders? Cup Races
Doc?s Sports has been handicapping every major horse racing event since they opened for business back in 1971. The Breeders? Cup features the best of the best and for this reason many bettors look to the professionals for their expert picks and predictions. [PRWEB Oct 28, 2005]
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The New DeKa Marketing Shopping Mall has Opened; A Dream come True for new Business Owner Del Morales, he was Inspired by the Following Thoughts and Facts
More and more shoppers are deciding to buy online as opposed to going to the store. Many find this more convienent than having to drive to a store. Finding the product you're looking for requires almost no effort. Sometimes the product finds you, through advertisements. [PRWEB Nov 13, 2005]
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Expressions Photo Design & Boutique Presents 2005 Holiday Gift Guide
Expressions Photo Design & Boutique, a leading online resource for custom photo gifts, is proud to present its 2005 Holiday Gift Guide. [PRWEB Nov 12, 2005]
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PhoneDog.com Introduces the First Unbiased Cell Phone Shopping Site
With the new cellular phone comparison grid consumers can find the best online deals. For those interested in purchasing a new celluar phone with a carrier plan, phonedog.com should be your first and last stop. [PRWEB Nov 11, 2005]
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The Multimedia Room Announces New Website for Crazy Jay?s Bed Shop
The Multimedia Room has developed a new Web site for Crazy Jay?s Bed Shop that will allow consumers to view bedroom furniture and accessories online. [PRWEB Nov 10, 2005]
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New Analytics Service Provides Turn-Key Business Intelligence Solution Utilized By Fortune 1000 Companies to Small-to-Medium Sized Businesses For Free
My-Analyst Team (http://www.myanalystteam.com), the analytics service provider whose partners have supplied fully automated reporting and analysis systems to several Fortune 1000 companies, has released "My-Analyst" for small-to-medium sized businesses. The ?Starter? Version of the new service is free. ?My-Analyst" is not industry specific therefore it will answer vital business questions for all small-to-medium sized businesses that use QuickBooks. [PRWEB Nov 8, 2005]
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John R. Wood Web Site Wins Top Award
John R. Wood, Inc. Realtors® recently captured first place in Florida Realtor Magazine?s company Web site contest for the second year in a row and the fourth time in the contest?s history. [PRWEB Nov 11, 2005]
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Tel Aviv Hotels Chain Atlas Announces the Reopening of Center Hotel as a New Boutique Hotel
Atlas hotels, Israel leading hotel chain for business and leisure travelers, announces today the reopening of Center Hotel as a new boutique hotel designed to celebrate the culture, spirit, art, and architecture of the century old city of Tel Aviv. ?After several lean and unproductive years in the Israeli, tourism industry, the time has come to look to the future and invest,? said Leslie Adler and Danny Lipman, Atlas Hotels CEO?s. ?As we expect strong growth in the Israeli travel industry, the Atlas Chain, committed to invest money and efforts to execute our ambitious program to improve the quality of Atlas Hotel products and services.? [PRWEB Nov 11, 2005]
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Employee Caricatures: The Perfect Low-cost, Personable Gift For Corporate And Business Clients
Corporate and business clients have discovered that custom caricatures from photos are the perfect memorable and cost-effective gift for staff. Wary of another holiday turkey, employees are delighted to receive such a personable and fun gift. And companies are delighted with the low costs. [PRWEB Nov 10, 2005]
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International Entrepreneur Laurel Delaney Appointed Global Business Columnist For Entrepreneur Magazine
Laurel Delaney, an international entrepreneur and author, will become a global business columnist for Entrepreneur magazine on Nov. 1. [PRWEB Nov 11, 2005]
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Local Call Center Gains National Recognition
Glen Burnie, Maryland, November 10, 2005. In recognition of the economic power of woman-owned businesses, DiversityBusiness.com, the nations? leading multicultural internet site, recently named TeleRep (TeleRep.com), a Division of ATS Call Centers, Inc. as one of the top woman-owned businesses in Maryland. [PRWEB Nov 10, 2005]
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