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Easy way to separate content from design using PHP
A general problem while designing a website is managing design and content. There are simple methods which can be used to separate design pages from content. By separating design from content, you make it easy for yourself (or someone else) to upd...
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HireAbility Launches Redesigned Website--All Products and Services for Recruiters and Job Seekers Now Have One ''Home''
Today, HireAbility(r) launched its fully redesigned Website, www.hireability.com. The new site gathers together all of HireAbility's products and services for recruiters, employers, jobseekers, and HR technology and service providers in a fresh, efficiently organized design. The new Website integrates information and solutions previously accessed through three unique websites: hireability.com (job board), sarahinfo.com (SARAH(sm) applicant tracking system and recruiting programs), and resumeparser.com (ALEX(sm) automatic resume processing technology). The new site provides visitors and customers a more informative and streamlined experience, making it easier to learn about and subscribe to HireAbility's "for-free" and "for-fee" product and service offerings. [PRWEB Nov 10, 2005]
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CADRE Survey Reveals Consultants? Top Challenges: Most Consultants are Extroverts Who Work Alone and Struggle With Time Management
Earlier this year, CADRE Consultant Resources, the Florida based company that coaches consultants nationwide, conducted a survey of independent consultants selected at random from among attendees at the Institute of Management Consultants (IMC) USA conference in Kansas City. The respondents came from throughout the US and Canada. Their answers paint a dramatic picture of the consultant lifestyle, its rewards and its challenges. What Cadre learned may surprise you. The majority of independent consultants who responded are self-proclaimed extroverts who work long hours alone or with just 1 or 2 associates. Most work more than 40 hours a week however nearly one third claim fewer than 100 billable days a year. The biggest challenges they face? o Staying focused on prioritieso Managing their time effectivelyo Gaining access to prospective clientso Juggling all they have to do. The one thing they all agree on? They like to learn by doing rather than thinking. [PRWEB Nov 10, 2005]
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Dr. Beth Brooks to Speak at South Florida Health Care Recruiters Meeting
Beth A. Brooks, PhD, RN, CHE, and Senior Partner at JWT Employment Communications, will present Why Employees Quit: Theoretical and Practical Perspectives at the South Florida Association of Healthcare Recruiters (SFAHR) 4th Annual Meeting. Dr. Brooks holds management responsibilities for the integrated offerings to health care employers at JWT Employment Communications, one of the world?s largest recruitment marketing and internal communications companies. [PRWEB Nov 9, 2005]
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LearnShare Unveils Turn-Key, Affordable Learning Management System for Small to Mid-Size Companies
LearnShare, the consortium of Fortune 1000 companies organized to research, design, purchase, package and share best practices in the training and development field, today announced the launch of LearnPak, an affordable, feature-rich learning management system designed to meet the needs of small and mid-size companies. LearnShare?s LearnPak combines many of the features and functionality of the LearnShare LMS, designed by and for its large company membership, stocked with off-the-shelf discounted content from recognized providers on a pay-per-use basis. [PRWEB Nov 7, 2005]
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Healthcare Consulting Veteran Joins Board of Powerhouse MediSys Corporation
27 Year Veteran Joseph M. Cobo President of The National Health Care Consultants Association and C.E.O of Florida Medical Management Consulting Inc., has accepted a position on the Medisys Corporation Advisory Board. [PRWEB Nov 14, 2005]
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Expressions Photo Design & Boutique Presents 2005 Holiday Gift Guide
Expressions Photo Design & Boutique, a leading online resource for custom photo gifts, is proud to present its 2005 Holiday Gift Guide. [PRWEB Nov 12, 2005]
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New York Triathlon Company, SBR Multisports, Announces Overweight Triathlon Challenge is Underway
SBR Multisports, the New York triathlon company, has selected two candidates for its Overweight Triathlon Challenge. The two candidates will compete in the 2006 Florida Ironman. [PRWEB Nov 9, 2005]
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John R. Wood Web Site Wins Top Award
John R. Wood, Inc. Realtors® recently captured first place in Florida Realtor Magazine?s company Web site contest for the second year in a row and the fourth time in the contest?s history. [PRWEB Nov 11, 2005]
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Pro Design Labs Casts a New Website For Top Fishing Lure Company
Bandit Lures new website helps anglers with lake reports, inside information from the pros, and purchasing Bandit lures. [PRWEB Nov 9, 2005]
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KUA Crews Help Light Up South Florida
Utility crews from Kissimmee Utility Authority traveled to Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. on Nov. 4 to assist in the battle to restore power in areas devastated by Hurricane Wilma. [PRWEB Nov 8, 2005]
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New Home for Web Design Library
Web Design Library (WDL), an educational portal with a focus on web design, has moved to a new domain and is now available on www.webdesign.org [PRWEB Nov 11, 2005]
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Interior Design Associated (IDeA) Announces New Employee
Dawn A. Gum, Managing Partner of Interior Design Associated, PLLC (IDeA), has announced that Bethany Gearhart has joined the firm. [PRWEB Nov 12, 2005]
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How Do I Find the Right Branding Company?
The companies that create branding and identity are often difficult to distinguish from graphic design firms. How can I find and decide on the right company to help me brand my new business? It's not ...
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Custom Web Site Design
Custom Web Site Design. web design: Professional web site designer. Go for Custom web site design at affordable price and be unique. Seo services - Vijayinfo. . .
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E-Ing Tech is a leading Information Technology company.
E-Ing Tech is a leading Information Technology company.. web design: web promotion E-ingtech is a Web Development Company specialized in web designing, content management system, web application and IT. . .
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Pretentious Plaid
Pretentious Plaid. web design: database development Website consulting, design, marketing, copywriting, hosting domain names. We specialize in all forms of web design including html, flash, ecommerce and database driven websites. Call us for a free consultation.. . .
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Offshore Outsourcing India Outsourcing to India IT Outsourci
Offshore Outsourcing India Outsourcing to India IT Outsourci. web design: offshore outsourcing india VINR Corp is Offshore Outsourcing Company in India.VINR provides all IT Outsourcing Service like offshore software development, corporate web site design, data entry outsourcing, search engine positioning services, internet research services, offshore application development, outsourcing accounting, data processing india, crm services to its clients around the globe. We offer offshore, onsite and offsite consulting services for Web, client server, embedded. . .
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project36 Chicago Internet Marketing Agency
project36 Chicago Internet Marketing Agency. website promotion: seo services Internet marketing services for your business. Services include Search Engine Optimization, PPC Management, Website Design and eMail. . .
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Web Site Design Romania
Web Site Design Romania. web design: Low cost web design and development services made by Adalmi in Romania. If you want to obtain a high quality job don't hesitate to contact. . .
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Website Developer
Website Developer. freelance services: website development We are an outsourcing company from situated at the Philippines. We offer services such as website development, graphics and autocad design and 3d. . .
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binarysoft. freelance services: software Web design, website development, website promotion Customized Software Development in India at low cost.. Web design, website development, website promotion Customized Software Development in India at low cost.. Web design, website development, website promotion Customized Software Development in India at low. . .
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Web Site Designers Business Website Page Design and hosting pac
Web Site Designers Business Website Page Design and hosting pac. web design: provides small businesses and self-employed people with web site design and hosting packages , custom , affordable , ecommerce, WebSite Design . . .
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Seo and Web Development Services
Seo and Web Development Services. seo services: offers web design, development, search engine optimization and bpo services.We optimize your website for getting listed in natural listing rather than paid or sponsored listing. We will not use any unethical SEO techniques which is against search engines. . .
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Wesbsite Design Webhosting Domain Registration for Industry
Wesbsite Design Webhosting Domain Registration for Industry. website promotion: link exchange website design, seo, email marketing, webhosting, domain registration, programming, asp, php and custom application. . .
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Welcome to Makadco : Web Designing, corporate Identity, Multimed
Welcome to Makadco : Web Designing, corporate Identity, Multimed. web design: web designer Makadco is a team of enthusiastic and self-motivated confident professionals who are in market to incorporate the latest trends of advertising and marketing in Pakistan, in particular, and in globe, at large. Our prime services are graphic designing, desktop print advertising, website design development and multimedia interactive CDs. We do have several satisfied partners internationally in these service areas along with local. . .
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We offer...........
Web - Design: We offer............ Web - Design By Shiny Joy from India Hi, I would like to know if anyone would be interested to outsource their works to us, we undertake works on software projects, web design, web development, multimedia design and much more.[1] We are also looking out for business partners to help us expand our business in the Middle Eastn world wide.[2] We also maintain a portal globees.com, that offer services such as chat, friend finder , matrimonial, blogs, hot jobs, travel etc.[3] Also visit our corporate site globeessolutions.com.[4] If anyone interested or are willing to help us in any way, kindly let us know.[5] Thanks Regards, Miss Shiny Joy Onlne Admin, Globees ... Tags: we_offer_webdesign multimedia outsource
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Trade Web Design For Content Writing
Web - Design: Trade Web Design For Content Writing. Website Promotion By Dell from Philippines 3 comments. Is there anyone care for a trading content writing for web design Ill design your website then youll help me with the content writing.[1] Website development are also possible depending on how much help you will offer.[2] This offer was good for those who want to start up a content writing services.[3] The contents will be like outsourcing in the philippines as an alternative to outsourcing to india. ...
---Last comment Thu Dec 21 16:03:56 2006 by Dell from Philippines:
i want to design or develop website for content ... Tags: content_writing web_design help trade outsourcing
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Sell yourself or have somebody do it for you
Freelance Services: Sell yourself or have somebody do it for you . Freelance Services By Jenna from Sunny Florida 13 comments. I have done quite a bit of freelancing work myself and have tried to get people to sell for me in the past, but it never worked.[1] Have others been successful in getting a sales force behind your services or do you just do it ...
---Last comment Mon Dec 4 12:01:45 2006 by Dell from Philippines:
you have to sell yourself of course.[1] someone who do it for you will just give you an extra cost.[2] look for prospects local to you in craigslist.org if you are not aware of that.[3] ...
Reader Rating: 100.0% like, 0.0% don't like. Tags: freelance sales selling_services
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HTML: tables. HTML By Dixie from Somewhere Over The Rainbow 9 comments. Does using tables make a site load more slowly I know some people believe it does but I always just assumed that was if a table was done incorrectly.[1] If it really does slow a site down, is there a good alternative to using ...
---Last comment Mon Dec 4 11:56:28 2006 by Dell from Philippines:
it was not really a rule of thumb 'not to use a table' but i still advice to start practicing div tag and css combination.[1] i still use tables in displaying reports and forms but never in overall design layout. ...
Reader Rating: 100.0% like, 0.0% don't like.
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Shift code
Web - Design: Shift code . Web - Design By delta from sweetwater 3 comments. I was checking out a few sites and I notice a lot of them use shift code for their scripts.[1] Has anyone used this site before I know it is mostly used for gpt get paid to or ppc paid per click sites.[2] I think the site is ...
---Last comment Mon Nov 27 03:54:16 2006 by Nancy from Los Angeles:
Here is the link for ...
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Top Bad Designs
Web - Design: Top Bad Designs . Web - Design By Holly from Middle of Nowhere USA 2 comments. What is the worst thing you can put or do to your site that will turn people away Some of the things that turn me off are: Blank boring pages Overstimulating pages Dark fonts with dark backgrounds Small irregular fonts Feel free to list your ...
---Last comment Sun Nov 26 18:12:10 2006 by jennifer from Detroit:
The number 1 turnoff for me is poor navigation.[1] It's particularly bad when it's an ecommerce site and you can't figure out how to add items to your cart or to log out.[2] If a site is easily navigable then you'll want to come back and to recommend it to others. ...
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General: VBulletin. General By Dixie from Somewhere Over The Rainbow 10 comments. Hello.[1] Just thought I'd post the question to people with forums to see what they're using.[2] I think VBulletin is the most popular one out there, but probably the most expensive one too.[3] So do you guys use vbulletin or phpbb or something else Or do any of you just design your own forums I'm thinking of starting a forum so I'm looking for lots of ...
---Last comment Sun Nov 26 18:08:51 2006 by jennifer from Detroit:
How easy is it to actually transfer all the data over from a free board such as phpBB to vBulletin Sounds like a lot of work and/or an expensive job to ...
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10 Realistic Steps to a Faster Web Site
From the creator of blummy, this detailed article outlines some great strategies for improving the performance of your Web site. Along with careful design and navigation, fast page load times are a top priority for visitor experience and thus retention.
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